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Map Pilot Business: The Apple Volume Price Program (VPP) compatible purchase option

Map Pilot Business is the exact same app as Map Pilot for DJI except it includes all of the In-App Purchase options at a discounted price. Map Pilot's full functionality is available with no need for adding features through the Apple In-App Purchase system.

You can read more about VPP here:

Map Pilot Business is offered with volume discounts for large institutional purchases through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (Minimum 10). The Business version is intended to be used by businesses and institutions that want to give access to their customers/employees without requiring them to use their own accounts. 

This version will get more expensive over time as IAP options are added to Map Pilot. Map Pilot Business will have access to all future features added in Map Pilot for DJI with no additional update charges. Purchasing the Business version is also a way to lock in access to all future feature additions at the current price.

The goal of Map Pilot Business is to provide a top notch and stable experience to business users which means it is not released on the same schedule as the regular version. We skip some minor release versions and withhold Map Pilot Business releases for a few weeks to ensure that everything is working perfectly in order to provide a stable environment for our professional users. Map Pilot Business does not get new features and new aircraft support as quickly as the regular version but it also means that professional users will be less likely to be caught off guard by any unforeseen issues. 


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