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What is the Ninja On-Board Computer?

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The Ninja On-Board Computer (OBC) is an small and lightweight computer module designed to communicate with custom payloads on DJI aircraft. The Ninja is capable of driving gimbals, triggering cameras, managing USB devices and controlling pretty much anything with general purpose I/O.

The Ninja can be installed on DJI M100, M210, and M600 aircraft and communicate with Drones Made Easy mobile apps such as Map Pilot and Tag Pilot

Ninja OBC is currently only available as part of systems that are fully built and tested by Drones Made Easy.




The Ninja comes in two different configurations. One is specific to our Agronaut agricultural system and has mounting holes (shown above) for using the same screws as the DJI H4-3D gimbal that is used to stabilize the Parrot Sequoia NDVI camera. This unit measures 65.7 x 38.9 x 17.0 mm.



The other variant is intended for use with 3rd party hardware such as high quality cameras, sensors and light sources. It is a bit smaller so it can be tucked in wherever it needs to go. This unit measures 65.7 x 33.9 x 14.0 mm.


Current Compatibility

We currently support the following hardware with Ninja OBC and Map Pilot:

  • Parrot Sequoia
  • Sony cameras via the MultiPort (a7R, A6000, others with Map Pilot update)



The Ninja is capable of doing a lot of stuff. Here is a list of the available interfaces:

  • CAN bus (up to 1 Mbps)
  • Micro SD Card
  • High Power USB (Host and Device) with 2.5A @ 5V
  • 2 UART Serial Ports (3.3V)
  • 2 Tri-color LEDs
  • PWM
  • Buffered GPIO (3.3V)


Customization Opportunities

We have really only scratched the surface of what we can do with the the Ninja and our mobile apps. If you think you have a payload that could benefit from top notch route planning and precise air-side control, feel free to reach out. 





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    Hi would like to add a PPK GNSS module to your DJI MAtrice 600 Sony AR7 bundle and use the ninja onboard computer to trigger the PPK module. What triggering options does the ninja have? Thanks

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    Neil Patrick Ines

    Where can we buy this stuff

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    Neil Patrick Ines

    Im using matrice 600 pro, ronin mx, and sony a7rII and i finished download the apps maps made easy. But why the apps still didn't trigger the camera. But matrice pro is detected from tge apps. In dji go all may settings and connection are good it can detect the camera

    Please help

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    Our Supported Hardware list only shows support for the Sony A7 cameras when the Ninja OBC is installed.

    You need something that will trigger the Sony camera appropriately which is why we offer the Ninja OBC. It is only available as part of a complete system.

    You can purchase our pro mapping system here:

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