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Need to learn

I am a relatively new DronePilot. I have been working capturing images with my DJI Mavic two and DJI Mavic 2S. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make a decent living at this trade yet. I wish to learn this software so that I can offer my clients more services. Is there a seminar I can take or an online course to learn how to use this mapping software ? I am striving to become a better pilot every day and to learn this mapping software but I need assistance because I’m just watching YouTube videos is not working for me. Also, is there a way that I can learn more about how to fly my DJI drones? I find that the YouTube videos are very chatty and not instructional enough. Thank you all your advice is welcomed!
Addie Frahm

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The best thing to do to learn is practice. Start small and build up from there. Use the simulator to learn about flight planning. Give yourself a task. Do it. Figure out what went wrong. Repeat. 

There are people who will take your money all over the place to teach you. We have our quick start guides but they are pretty minimal and assume you sort of already know what you are doing. YouTube is a great place to start but nothing beats hands on experience. Map your house. Map your neighborhood. Map some roadways. Map a farm. They are all different. Once you have the general categories mastered it is easier to make adjustments as needed. 

Sadly, the processing is not generally free. We allow for the processing of up to 333 12 megapixel images for free to help people learn. You can get a lot done with that. 

Map Pilot Pro is set up in such a way that it won't let you make too many mistakes. I am a terrible pilot when flying manually. I can generally get the aircraft back to the ground safely. In general I use programmed flight tools 99% of the time. It is called a "drone" after all. 

Droning is not easy business. As with any business, it takes a certain amount of salesmanship to get out there and meet people and find out what they need. 

Mapping is a good place to start. 

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Hi Zane, 

new to this myself.. can fly. have seemed to fair well with programming and sending out for test mission. 

post flight info.. 

i tried using all the possible downloads in google earth and only get a black poly


on the mme page - the map is glorious. 


what am i doing wrong? 

and - where do i get the csv info from the flight/images - 


i will predominantly use for mapping progress on our earthworks sites. and overlay images with cad design. 


the end goal being to measure elevation  - etc.. ( and remember to not delete the control pic the drone takes).

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The only outputs that will open in Google Earth are the KMZ if you generated it and the GeoTiff if it is under 16k x 16k pixels. The GeoTiff should be able to be imported into other GIS softwares easily. 

If you are measuring elevations you would want use the DEM.

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