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Drone shutting down


I've run into a problem and I'm trying to isolate what the cause might be.
I ran a mission with a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. I uploaded the mission and started. The drone got about two inches off the ground and shut off.
Today I ran a different mission with an older Phantom 4 Pro. It started the mission, took a couple of photos along the first flight line and shut off. I did nothing at the controller end to initiate a shut down. Anyway it dropped 75 feet and the drone didn't survive.
I'm trying to figure this out. Two different drones and two different controllers. The only thing in common between the two instances would be the Map Pilot Pro app. Is there anything that the app could do that would cause a shut down of the drone?
Eric Stephan

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Yikes. The two inch one sounds better than the 75ft one... Really the only thing that can cause this is a loss of power. There is no way for the app to command it to fall out of the sky (what would be a dumb thing to have). I would have said that this was likely due to a battery connection failure but it was on two different aircraft and two different remotes.  Was the same battery involved in both? Another possibility that we find happens with the P4P sometimes is that the battery isn't fully seated when it is inserted. 

This error is in your most recent log file which shows some scary stuff (even though we don't actually have any documentation for what it all means).
djicheckcenterGimbaldisconnected / djicheckcenterCameradisconnected / djicheckcentermcconnectionreason / djicheckproductnotconnectaircraft_reason

This pretty much means the DJI SDK reported that everything all disconnected at once, which is consistent with a loss of power. 

You will need to contact DJI with your .DAT log files so they can tell you more. Sorry we can't be of more help. 

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