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Reinitialize drone

I fly a Mavic 2 drone with newly installed Map Pilot Pro app on a new iPad. Everything works as it should until such time as I "start" the autonomous flight. The drone ascends as it should but then disappears from the screen. The drone continues to fly the mission collecting photos. However, I have no indication of the drone or the drone's path on the screen. I received a "reinitialize the drone" message. How do I do that? I couldn't find this message or instructions anywhere on the site.


Kakuska, Michael T - DNR

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That sounds like a connection problem. Make sure you are using a good new cable too and that it is properly seated. If this is happening with every flight it is likely a hardware issue. 

Your most recent flight log has this entry:

 dji_check_center_Gimbal_disconnected / dji_check_center_rc_disconnected / dji_check_product_disconnect_reason / dji_check_center_Camera_disconnected / dji_check_center_mc_connection_reason

That is generally the sign of something going on with the aircraft. It is basically saying everything is broken.

Please check for normal operation while using the DJI app to make sure everything is healthy. 

Also make sure all other drone related apps are fully closed. 

You can always use the RTH button the remote if something goes wrong during flight. 

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