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Why are the "3D related files (XYZ, LAS, OBJ, KMZ) not reprocessed and are not provided?

Hi, I was curious as to why the 

"3D related files (XYZ, LAS, OBJ, KMZ) are not reprocessed and are not provided."   as part of the manual gcp second processing? 

Does it not make any difference to the accuracy of these 3d datasets or are there other reasons? 

Thanks, Roger

Roger Stermann

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The realignment process uses only the image files as inputs so the GeoTiff photo and DEM files are realigned. The 3D files are not reprocessed. The DEM is the most useful 3D file because it is the highest resolution and combined with the photo GeoTiff it can be used to reconstruct any of the 3D files if needed. 

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