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Restart mission after battery change

When you upload the mission and start the mission and it takes about 2 to 3 batteries when it comes back down to swap the first battery I’m reading that you have to re-upload the mission I thought that once you upload the mission it saved do you have to keep uploading the mission every time you change the battery


The second part of the question is if you don’t finish for the day and you close everything out saved to start again the next day also where do you press to restart the mission I don’t see restart

Steven Azzopardi

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Sorry for the delay. I replied to this but never actually hit 'Submit'. 

A maximum of 100 waypoints are ever loaded to the aircraft at any given time. So with every flight it is loading the next 100 waypoints. If your mission is 80 waypoints and your first battery flies 40 of them the next 40 will be loaded for battery two. 

Any partial progress you make of a mission is saved until you either finish the mission or clear it. This can be an hour or a day later. For data processing this is not idea since the lighting would all be different and the features would not match very well. Breaking a mission up over a long period of time is a recipe for image processing issues. 

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