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Does my ipad need to be connected to the internet during flight?

My understanding is that Maps made easy is the best tool to program flights so that I may collect photogrammetry images to later be processed by the program.

My question is...After preparing a mission for my drone, does my ipad need to be connected to the internet when the drone is in flight to complete the process. Additionally, I'd also like to know if I can program a mission on my ipad then use my android to fly the mission, then return to the program for final processing?



Ralph Shicatano

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No, once your flight is planned everything you need to operate in that area has been saved for making adjustments in the field. 

Flights that are planned in Map Pilot Pro are executed in Map Pilot Pro. There is no way to export it to another app. 

Map Pilot Pro will be available for Android shortly. It is currently being beta tested. 

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