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New and several questions I cannot (easily) find the responses for

I've been enjoying the app and service!

I have the 'pro' subscription and have some basic questions:

1)  How do I turn on the ability to publicly share maps?  Selecting the checkbox is fine, but there is no way to save the updated status.

2)  Similarly, how does one share a location map?

3)  What viewer is recommended, and what is the procedure, .obj what is the procedure, for viewing material mapped 3D using the .obj and .mtl files?

Sorry if these are answered elsewhere... point me in the direction and I'll read!


Mike Bahr

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Here is how to use the checkbox:

2. Location Maps have the same general system. Make it public and give someone the Public link.


Meshlab is what you want. Sketchfab is good for online viewing of larger models. 


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Shane, I'm using 64-bit Chrome release 96.0.4664 on Windows and the page does not render as clearly as you show it in your help screen...  The user has to select the box floating way to the left of the checkbox, and THEN select the green checkbox (as though it were an "ok" button).  I have no idea why....


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