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Confusion over non nadir images and full 3D

I read on this post that for that I should do two missions for full 3D.  One should be the normal 5 deg.  The other should be at the 45 deg.  I can upload the 5 deg images fine. However, I tried to upload the 45 deg images to the same project afterwards and I got an error message that the gimble angle was two high.  How do I add the 45 deg images?

M. Micajah Truitt

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Not sure where you read that... We never recommend shooting images tilted up that high. The system does not allow them. Map Pilot Pro lets you do it because some people really want that but Maps Made Easy won't accept it. 

In general, if you do a full grid mission at 75% overlap that will give you 32 looks at everything you want to process. That is likely all you would need.

For using the Full 3D setting which is designed for use in modeling a single structure or small area that  full grid can be complemented with manually flown and shot images to fill in the vertical and overhanging areas. Everything you want to render well needs to be seen 20-25 times by the system. 

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