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MPPro flies poorly Air2S

I tested the latest version of MPro with Air2S today (13.6.22). Flying one small area drained two batteries when the MPro failed to get Air2S under proper control..
The weather was almost windless.

Air2S firmware is V2.042170, latest.

Where's the problem?


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Wow. Yeah. That looks like crap! 

Here is another thread about VS control issues that were resolved by using at least 5.4.6 and slowing down a bit:

You have the most recent version of Map Pilot Pro which has a lot of Virtual Stick related fixes. 

It looks like your issues is in using an iPad mini 4 though. You might be able to get away with it with waypoint flight but Virtual Stick controls require a lot more back and forth between the app and the aircraft. Any latency will turn into control issues.

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