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Mavic 2 Pro data not recorded on AirData


I have had no problem with data syncing to AirData until today. I did two practice mapping flights. During both missions, I switched from MME (keeping it open) to DJI GO 4, just to monitor some aspects that MME does not show. Weirdly the flight information was recorded on DJI GO 4, but it did not transfer to AirData correctly. The last fight only shows I flew one foot when I flew 5,008'. I am guessing I can not switch between apps and they do not play well together?

Jeff Ward

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The fact that it was recorded in Go is not a good thing. That means you had the app running in the background (not good). 

We haven't had any other reports of syncing issues. Please try it again with only Map Pilot Pro running.

Also, check that your token is still valid with AirData. 

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