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DJI Work Flow - Full map on browser but only partial map generated from uploaded images

I am using the DJI workflow, and google drive, where I uploaded 408 images.  After completion in the browser view it shows the entire map image, but the downloaded images (and the overlap report) all show only a partial that is just about 1/3rd of the overall map.
I'm new to the process so hopefully this isn't user error.
Thanks in advance!

Bob Jennings

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You situation is almost identical to this post from Monday:

All of your images were received and processed. Your issues is that your entire map was trees and water, both of which are warned about in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload. You would have had to use 80+% overlap to get the trees to turn out well (it looks like you used 70-ish%) and the water would have been iffy no matter what. 

Our system filled in the areas that couldn't be included in the photogrammetric reconstruction using our Flat Map Failover. This outputs ends up in a separate file. To combine the outputs you have been provided into a single image you would need to work with the GeoTiff and Patch GeoTiff and combine them.


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Okay, I understand and will re-fly with a better overlap.    I did see the other post but I was confused by the browser based image showing the whole map so thought it might have been something different.
Love the application and thanks for quick support!

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