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Flat Map Distortion

I have been digging through the help articles, YouTube and forum posts.  Looking to get some troubleshooting ideas for my first attempt at a "flat map".  I did a small flat map using my DJI Air 2s and ended up with some weird distortion in the map (see link below).  I used all of the recommended settings.  Flew at a height of 200 ft AGL.  Any insights would be appreciated! 

Link to map:

Jason Hedrick

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A Flat Map is taken by just taking the images and plopping them down on the ground where the pointing tags say they intersect with the earth. There is no attempt to match features. The only merging is done by blending the edges. The idea is that it gives you something "close enough" when feature matching fails. This is useful when working in dense trees, snow, sand or large swaths of water when feature matching is likely to fail.

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