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Gimbal Angle Too High Error


I could not find another post to answer my question. I used DroneDeploy to capture images with Phantom 4 Pro. I had the Gimbal angle set to -75 and I had "Enhanced 3D" and "Perimeter 3D" set. All of the pictures for the Perimeter images were flagged for "Gimbal Angle Too High". None of the images show the horizon. The error from Maps Made Easy also mentioned "Some cameras don't fill the pointing tags properly". Where to I find the "Pointing Tag" values?


Joe Devlin

Joedev22 Jd

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Please turn both of those settings off. They both break some of the rules set forth in the Data Collection guidelines you agree to at the time of upload. 

The gimbal pointing angles are in the XMP tags. The pointing value tags are usually populated properly with your aircraft. The Mini 2 and some of the cheaper/older stuff doesn't do it properly. 

-75 degrees should be OK though so you can either email a sample image to look at or just upload the images using the Classic workflow which doesn't check those values. 

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