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Over exposed images in Mavic 2 Pro and Map Pilot Pro

We are having problems with sporadic over exposed images with Map Pilot Pro and Mavic 2 Pro in a grid flight for orthomosaics.  We fly with shutter priority at 1/500, iso 200 and sunny white balance.  The exposure will be fine then something happens and all the photos through the rest of the current battery are over exposed.  I just tried to upload examples but the size is limited to 2MB.  Both images show the same EXIF data - both taken  @1/500, f10 iso-200 and taken within seconds of each other but one is over exposed as are the follow 200 or so images, resets at battery change.  I am not seeing the over exposure in the transmitted image.  This happened twice last week and has happened on previous flights.  I don't know if it is a camera problem or MapPilot Pro.  I do know we never had this problem with the Old Map Pilot program.  I would be happy to email the photos to show the issue.  Last week we took probably 10,000 images which I am still processing.  Two composites have over exposed sections in them which is a problem. We may have 600 images out of 10,000 that are greatly overexposed so you don't notice until the processing is nearly done.  I was able to somewhat recover them in lightroom.  I hope someone can help me figure out how to solve the problem.  


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We haven't actually heard of this happening before. If you are using fixed camera settings and your images are overexposed there isn't much that can be done. If the EXIF is the same then it either has to do with light availability or a problem in the camera. I would like to see the images though so please send the two examples to

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