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Blurry or out of focus images


We have been struggling with image quality from Map Pilot Pro. We are long time experienced users of Map Pilot and have recently went to Pro. The image quality is inconsistent from site to site and battery to battery and we cannot figure out what to do.

The only camera setting we manually set is ISO 100, everything else we leave in auto (focus, white balance). The terrain we fly is typically flat, freshly graded, plenty of ground texture or color differences and without tall buildings, obstacles or trees that might effect the initial camera focus that occurs just prior to flying to the 1st way-point. Our consistent result is that some photos are clear and crisp, some photos are blurry.

Other settings we consistently use: Do not inherit camera settings, slow according to light, jpg, ground smear 2X GSD, infinity focus

Drone is always a Phantom 4P V2

Any help you could give us would be appreciated, we are at our wits end. Thanks 


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The Autofocus that is the camera does will be inconsistent in its results if there is motion or low contrast objects where it is looking when it does it. You can redo the autofocus at any time during the flight or you can use the manual focus value to lock it in to a known good value.

If some are crisp and others are blurry this may be because the distance between the camera and the objects is changing. The autofocus solution is only valid at one distance. That is how focus works. 

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