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Shot video by mistake — how do I "rescue" this mission?


I accidentally hit the "record" button on the controller when the mission (Mavic 2 Pro) started. The mission flew with video recording but took no photographs.

I closed up and left without checking.

I know video stills will not make as accurate a map due to the rolling shutter effect, but anything is better than nothing. I do not need accuracy in this case, just "roughly right" will do.

I can easily export the video as a batch of stills and, say, select every 100th image to input into MME. BUT, I do not know how I can get EXIF/GPS data attached, or if that's necessary? Ie. I can geolocate the map after the fact, I just need the model to be built.

Two questions:

1) Can I rescue the data from this mission to get a useable product, or do I need to toss the mission out as a failure?

2) How can I disable the video/photo controller buttons during a mission, or otherwise prevent this error from occurring again the next time someone accidentally hits that big red button?

Andrew Bennett

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Two more points that may be important:

The mission was at 4cm/pixel. If I could even have 10cm/pixel or even worse, that's preferable to reflying the mission.

I have the dji.gis file that is huge and likely to contain valuable metadata, but I have no idea how to use this to update stills pulled off the video.



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1. We don't process any video files but there are probably ways to do it. The video lacks the tags needed for most workflows. It will likely take you less time to collect the data over again than to figure out how to save the files you already created. 

2. There should have been quite a few warnings about work mode and camera settings when this happened. I don't think they can be disabled so you just have to be careful. 


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