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3D Capture Plan

Attempting 3D capture of a construction site where site ground is 25' below street level (lw=1000' x 1000'). They have multiple cranes on the site. I can fly the nadir grid pattern (80/80 overlap) above the cranes. But need to capture oblique shots at lower AGL, so requires manual flight to avoid cranes.

Does it matter if nadir & obliques are at different heights?

Does MPP have a recommendation to set drone speed vs. distance vs. capture interval to make sure I get enough overlap for oblique shots?

Felton Flood

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The only real reason to fly lower would be to get smaller GSD data. 

80/80 overlap with the gimbal tipped up 15-20 degrees taken from the ground level should be fine. The areas below ground level will get more overlap. 

You can certainly supplement that data with manually flown shots. The output GSD will be that of the bulk of the input images. 

Map Pilot Pro will set the speed accordingly based on your flight height and overlap settings. 

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