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No autofocus, blurry images P4P V2.0

After sending several requests to support and always getting the same answer (reference to the help website with a document on the new way the focus works) I'm trying here on the forum. Maybe someone has a solution to our problem.
Every single mission we do with MapPilot Pro gives extremely blurry images. We have gone through the guide several times, always with the same results. With the old app version we have completed hundreds of flights with no problems. The request for remote support was not met.

Florian Streit

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We are more than willing to discuss deficiencies in the app and address them when called for. We do all of our support via emails and these forums. No requests for remote support has ever been met for anyone unless it is a super large account that has a service agreement in place.

Another source of poor focus isn't actually focus at all. It is motion blur. Your images seems to be averaging around 1/280 exposure. That means an exposure time of 3.5 milliseconds. If your aircraft is traveling at 10 m/s you are going to get smear of 3.5 centimeters. You are flying quite low while doing this and your GSD is about .4 cm. That means you are getting almost 9 pixels of directional smear in your images. 

If you look at these screenshots from your sample images you will see that the smear is directional, up and down, not side to side.


In the interest of keeping people from repeating what we have already said here are our replies:


Jan 04 / January 28

We are sorry to hear you are having focus issues. The focus controls in Map Pilot Pro are documented here:

What flight was having the issue? Send us the link from your Missions/Flights list in Maps Made Easy. The latest flight in the system is from December 23. 

You are either use AF (Auto Focus) or MF (manual focus), not both. 

These images are pretty low light which can make the camera do so weird things but check the focus settings so you understand what you were actually using. 

It is possible you were using MF inadvertently and had a bad value. Once you send us the link to the flight we will be able to look at the log file to tell you more.
The Flight log from yesterday shows that Auto Focus was not done. This either means that you have Manual Focus selected or you have 'Inherit Camera Settings' enabled. Make sure you don't have the 'Inherit Camera Settings' enabled unless you are trying to focus the camera in another app. 99% of the time we recommend users use Auto Focus unless there is a special need not to.


January 31

It looks like your most recent job from Jan 28 did do auto focus successfully. Can you check those images for focus quality? We only get a message that the autofocus succeeded, not a metric of how good it is. This is the same process that is used in the older Map Pilot variants. 


March 29

As noted in the Camera and Gimbal Controls article you should be double tapping on the camera preview in a contrast rich area in order to get a good focus solution. You should see the focus value slider change to reflect the change. 

If you are ever questioning your focal quality you can stop the flight and double tap on a contrasty spot in the camera preview screen to force the auto focus to pull another solution. "

Alternatively you could do some testing to figure out what the optimal manual focus value is for your flight height at use that.



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Exactly the exposure time we set on average to 1/280. We aim for a GSD of <1cm. To achieve this resolution with the P4P the flight altitude is always between 25 and 30m. The airspeed is always 2-3 m/s. 
With these settings we have always achieved good results. When we test this settings with other mapping apps, we also get good images. So it is not due to the drone. We have even bought a new one to rule out a defect. However, we would like to continue using your app. You offer the best comfort and the most features. Maybe you can test the mentioned settings and do a flight with it. About tips on how we get good pictures again we are very grateful

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At a speed of 2.5 m/s and an exposure time of 3.6 ms you will get  about 1 cm of smear. These images are pretty noisy and it certainly looks like there is more than 1 cm of smear but the blurring is along the path of travel. If it was a focus issue it would be in all directions. 

You never really answered how you were doing the focus. And you indicated that you had been single tapping to get a new focus. Make sure you are seeing "Focus Success" with about a second of DOUBLE TAPPING the camera are to get a new auto focus solution. Again, we cannot control the quality of the focus solution since that is internal to the camera itself.

Now that it is getting lighter outside the exposure times should start getting shorter and the images less noisy. I think you should try to do some controlled test and testing with the manual focus to rule issues in or out. 

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