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No photographs with mission

Have used Map pilot a number of times, no problem, great result. But I have just upgraded my account and missions are flying, but no photographs. Phantom 4 Pro works fine with DJI 4. 

No other apps (incl DJI 4) loaded. Message before flying "FlightStart Error Phantom 4 Pro Execution of this process timed out (code 1003)"

I Ok ed this and no dots on flight path.

Also Panel after one flight:

Gimbol module disconnected 4.1 min
Camera module disconnected 4.1 min
MC connection to center board has failed 4.1 min

Also during flight camera window is not normal feint image.
Help, have job to complete!

Philip (Ashton65)

Philip Ashton

Official comment


Those errors are usually signs of hardware issues but in your case it is likely tied to your use of an iPad mini 4. With the latest iOS release they have become almost unusable. We have been recommending the use of at least an A10 processor or better for almost 3 years. The iPad mini 4 is an A8. The most current devices are on A15 I think. 

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