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Waypoint Missions and various points of interest.

Is there way to create or are you planning on adding the ability to create waypoint mission similar to that of Litchi?   I know that we can create a linear mission, but I often have a need to create and refly way point missions that for example take images or video of a construction site and would like to create a way point mission ahead of time to follow a certain pattern while focusing on various points of interest during the flight.   

This would not be a typical mapping mission, but the photos and videos are very helpful in recording progress at the time of the normal mapping missions.

Is there any way of doing this in Map Pilot Pro at this point?  


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We don't use Litchi so we don't really know what you are referring to. Map Pilot Pro is optimized for mapping data collection. 

Map Pilot Pro will let you take video on a mission. 

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