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Virtual sticks update for Air2S and Mavic 3

Thanks for the update on the inclusion of virtual sticks in the MPP app until DJI gets an SDK out that allows for waypoint programming. 

I understand that virtual sticks is sending commands from the controller to the aircraft as if actual stick inputs were being used to fly a defined mission. My question is, are commands to trigger the camera also being sent, or does the camera need to be triggered manually from the controller during the flight?

Thanks, Dave


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The Virtual Stick controls are basically the same as if you are using waypoint. The camera triggering and everything is handled for you. Aside from the corners being flown a bit differently it will all act the same as long as you have a solid RC connection. 

Terrain Awareness and all of the usual features will work. STI is not available as an option.

It also fully works in the Simulator too so you can see how it will work before heading out into the field.  

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