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Map Pilot Pro Images no processing in PIX4D

I recently purchased Map Pilot Pro because of the Linear Mission Terrain Follow functionality.  Unfortunately, on the first two missions I flew the data did not process properly in PIX4D.  I had 80/80 overlap flown at 5mph.  The imagery looks fantastic to the naked eye but clanks in PIX4D.  After discovering the issue in order to troubleshoot, I flew an identical mission with the DJI GS Pro App and the job processed perfectly in PIX4D.  Is there something I am missing.  Does Map Pilot Pro not play nice with PIX4D?  I would really like to salvage one of the projects I flew as there was a lot of effort out into the flight and GCP'S.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.    

Christopher Juliana

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We have never heard of there being and issue with this before. I don't know much about their processing but there could have been a difference in the focus of the images or something. It looks like you were using a Phantom 4 RTK. They might need some additional files or something. You might want to ask Pix4D what the cause of the issue was... 


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