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Map Pilot

My Map pilot app has stopped working. When I try to start it, I get a box with "ok" in it. When I click on it I have no access to anything.

I have installed Map Pilot pro on a trial version. When I try to start a flight I am asked for my login. The Ipad has no internet connectivity where I am so I can't use the app.

Any assistance with either would be appreciated

Andrew Martin

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The older versions of Map Pilot have ceased to function as warned in the App Store, in-app popups, the Maps Made Easy Dashboard, direct emails to our users and our social media since late 2020. The apps are no longer capable of functioning. 

Map Pilot Pro asks you to login but it is capable of operating offline. If there is no internet connectivity where you are and you haven't used the app previously you may not be able to use it. The first time the app runs it needs to contact DJI to register. Then to use any of the advanced features you need to be logged in. Once both of those occur you can go offline. 

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