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Map Taking Long to Process

I submitted a job for processing over 48 hours ago and since then I have had two other separate jobs submitted and completed processing in that time.  I am not sure if posting if the best way to reach someone in customer service but I want to make sure that the job in question doesn't have any issues and that I can expect it to be done by Monday for the client.

Eli Sands

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Your job is up and running. 

Generally, processing will take about 1 day per thousand images that are uploaded. This is content and overlap dependent though. If you include way too much overlap it will take way too long to process. 80% overlap is good. It represents 25 looks at everything. 90% overlap is way too much as it represents a 100 looks at everything. 

If doing a full grid at 80% you are giving the system 50 looks at everything to calculate which can take a really long time. 

Trees will take longer. Bare trees will take even longer. 

You can always email us for account specific support at

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