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Tax exempt subscription


I am a former user of Map Pilot who purchased the terrain awareness option for that app, and then I also purchased a Map Pilot Business account with all the options, including Terrain Awareness.  Now that Maps Made Easy has disabled the terrain awareness options that I paid for in those two apps, I am being forced to become a subscriber to Map Pilot Pro.  However, I work for a public university that has an exemption from sales tax, and this subscription will be used in work I do for my employer.  If I turn in a receipt that has sales tax on it, I can get in a lot of trouble.  Can you please tell me how to start a subscription that has no sales tax applied?  I do have a copy of our university's tax exempt certificate that I can provide.



Jeffrey Moersch

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None of the Maps Made Easy software services products have any sales tax associated with them. Click on the 'Manage Subscription' button under the 'Account' header on the Maps Made Easy site to manage your subscription. You will get a full accounting of all charges before confirming the charge. There is no tax present on the receipt. 

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