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Evo2 flight time in Map Pilot

Zane.  I was just messing with settings in MP to compare differences with using the E2P/E2E vs the P4P.  With regard to the max flight time, if I manually move the setting higher, after about 25 min. it changes to "battery limited".  I have not bench-marked the E2 yet, but I'm hoping to get about 27 minutes landing at 25% remaining battery. For planning, I would like to set max time to 27 minutes, but it is currently not possible.

In contrast, the apps break point to go to "battery limited" for the P4P is the same value and for planning, I always lower it to 22 min. as that is the avg. time I get landing the P4P at 75% remaining battery. That way the app has a specific # for planning.

I said all of that for context in order to ask if it would be possible to bump up the break point to 28 minutes for the E2? That way I can specify a specific value for planning purposes. I'm not sure when I can personally benchmark the real world time to 75% but I will.  Perhaps others that have had the E2 longer already have?

Thanks !

Dave Pitman

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We are adjusting the maximum battery times in 5.2.0 with the addition of support for the M300 which broke the old system. 

The EVO II will have a maximum battery time of 30. We are hoping it doesn't have issues with the return to home stuff... We haven't tested that too much so having a strict timer on it is a good idea. 

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