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video becomes glitchy

Hi. First off, your app is by far the best app available for mapping... no question.

We have been using Map Pilot Pro on iPad minis with DJI P4v2. All of our pilots experience the same "glitching" and delays on the screen about 2/3rds through the first battery on multi-battery missions. The lag is effecting everything including the video feed, the drone location icon, and menus selections. The problem persists for the entire duration of the mission, becoming worse the longer the mission. We have tried fresh boots of the app and the ipads. The only relief is when we create a new mission... but then the glitching eventually starts again.

We have not had any troubles with loss of control or camera triggering, so it's more of an annoyance than anything else. If you know of a work-around or a settings change that we can make please let me know. Also, thank you for making the "start at abandonment point" more robust recently. We often have tip-overs on windy days after a battery swap. We have found that the app will remember that point and continue even after a reboot. Your software is amazing and thank you for all of the improvements over the years.


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Thank you for the kind words. It is appreciated. Be sure to review the app in the App Store with a text review. That is the best thing you can do to say thank you to the development team.

Since the video feed is happening further into flight you may want to make sure that you have 'Auto Clear Image Points' turned on in the User Interface section of the Settings. Drawing all the dots can be a bit much for some older processors. This feature expires them after 30 seconds so they don't accumulate and leaves more GPU resources for the video stream. Hide the Nearby Mission Plans too if they are on.

In general, the lowest spec iPad mini we are recommending at this point is the Mini 5. The DJI SDK recommends using an A10 processor or better so that goes for Map Pilot Pro as well. 

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I am using the Mini 4 without issues so far.

I hope it will last some more time.

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