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Terrain aware flight q's

Hey Zane, hope you are well!

Prior to a job on Saturday, I had never used terrain aware on a large enough site to end up going past the waypoint limit.  On this 160 acre site, I had the mission planned to fly parallel with the rising terrain, gradually moving up. 

When I loaded and started the mission, I received a message that the mission exceeded the waypoint limit and that the mission would be trimmed to the limit.  I accepted and launched the mission.  I went through 3 typical battery changes, each time receiving the message.  On the 4th and 5th packs, there was no message.

My impression is that the message is triggered based upon the entire mission remaining.  But, the battery change occurs before it hits the waypoint limit, so there is no interruption because of it.  By the 4th pack, the remaining mission was within the limit and so no warning.

My questions is; is that what is happening in this case?

A couple other feedback things on MP Pro. 

1.The toggle between AF and MF was a bit confusing in that I wasn't sure at first which had been selected.  It might make sense to follow your general UI theme and have whichever one is active be orange the same as other selected active elements.

2. I would get an image capture error every time the drone would make it's turn.  No images were skipped as far as I can tell and I figured it was just a result of the turn triggering the warning.  It was a little concerning at first, but I got used to it. It never happened on the straight segments. 



Dave Pitman

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Yes, since only a 100 waypoints can be loaded at a time it is possible to get through them in less than one battery when the terrain is rough. 

It sounds like the warnings were correct. It is likely on the 4th and 5th flights there were less than 100 waypoints left to program, likely due to flatter terrain. Your flight logs aren't synced so we can't really tell more. 

1. For that we are using the elements from the DJI UI and were attempting to keep it the same as the DJI app for consistency with that. We will look into it. 

2. It is possible just depending on the spacing that one image was taken close to the edge of the survey area polygon and then it also tried to capture one as it left the polygon (which it always tries to do) but they were too close together and the second image errored. Again, we can't see your log so we can't tell more. 



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"Yes, since only a 100 waypoints can be loaded at a time it is possible to get through them in less than one battery when the terrain is rough. "

In this case, what is the expected behavior of the app?  Return to Home, and reload the next set of waypoints similar to a battery swap?

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Since only 100 waypoints are loaded at a time the blue verification line would show you exactly where the flight would go before taking off since it represents what is programmed into the aircraft. If it is a load of 100 waypoints and there are some left it is actually not a RTH event, the flight home is programmed with waypoints. Then it is a normal battery swap. We try to avoid RTH events if we can.

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