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Issues with continuing missing after failed take off

Sometimes my p4p2 fails to take off after I press start due to battery error (message - "battery not installed properly"). The app is unable to cancel the flight and the only way is to shut down the app. I am unable to resume mission after that. It will always go back to the start of the mission. Could you please help?

Kevin Yap

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At any point the pilot should be ready to take over if there are flight errors. Map Pilot programs the aircraft with a set of waypoints it will fly, it doesn't fly the aircraft. You could try using the Stop button but that might not work on the take off leg of the flight. 

All flights in a mission start from the home point on the ground. From there you can choose where to pick back up if you don't want to restart at the designated abandonment point (blue dot) using the Manual Restart Point feature.  

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