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Mapping Areas that Include Open Water

I have been asked to map an entire lake, but the real focus is to map the extent of invasive plants which mainly occur along the shoreline.  The lake is fairly large and irregular, so I divided the lake area into 5 parcels that I can individually map while maintaining Visual Line Of Site (VLOS) with the drone as required by the FAA regulations.

My question is..  As I cross the lake from side to side, there are a lot of photos of just water with no detail for overlaying purposes.  Does it cause a problem if I include them in the processing?  Can I simply eliminate those that show only water and leave the shoreline photos to be processed -- leaving a lake water gap between them?  Is the tile process mostly based on the satellite coordinates in positioning the images?

Please advise me as to the best way I might be able to process these images.  I'm not looking for anything 3D, just a flat tiled image.  Thanks for any suggestions.  --Bill

Bill Cicio

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The areas with no features and just water will not likely turn out. I would recommend mapping the actual open water itself using 15% overlap and process it using our Flat Map Workflow. Then get the nearshore stuff as you normally would. All of the reconstruction is based on feature matching so if it is water and the reflections and the surface is changing it won't work. That is why water is the first thing we warn against in the Data Collection guidelines that are agreed to at the time of upload. 

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