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We want to sign up.
But we have some questions for you.
Regarding a project in Oman.
Project :1000 sq/km of mapping
system : fixwing with ardupilot and reach r2 RTK
camera: sony a7r iva
lens: sony 20mm f/2.8
flights per day: 4 to 6
image per flight: minimum: 2600
image average size: 61 MB
image collecting in a day :minimum 10000
total day of flight: 25
total image taken for project: 260000
totale average disk space: 16TB
altitude AGL: min 120 max 150
min resolution needed : 3.5 cm per pixel
Oman average upload speed : 21.82 MPs fixed broadband
Upload to Drones Made Easy: minimum 10000 images per day
output from Drones Made Easy maps: 10000 images big 
output in:
georeferenced orthomosaic - GEOTiff format
Digital Surface Model (DEM) -GEO Tiff format
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) -GEO Tiff format
Point cloud -XYZ format +LAS
The project starts on the 1st of october with flying and data uploading.
Delivery of the data set to the client needs to be done 1st of december.
Can you send me some dates to speak and challenge this project.
Also can you give me signed confirmation on the above input and outputs for Drones Made Easy.
Best regards Ben Schreurs
Ben Schreurs

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As long as you can get your images geotagged properly and you can break it up into sectors of 2-3000 images it should work fine. 

We only provide DSM files and do not get into feature removal for the creation of DTMs. The rest of the file types are offered as seen here:

10000 images a day can be handled in 3-4 separate maps. These can be run concurrently. Each map will likely take a day or two to process. So as long as you start processing the data the day you start collecting it it would be done shortly after.  

We don't need to sign anything. This is what the system does. All day every day. 

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