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MPP beta

Does the beta app install over my existing copy of MPP and if so do I loose all my existing flight plans? I'm getting a message in Test Flight that I already have MPP 5.1.0 (7162011) installed but I don't see it on my iPad???





Gary L White

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Beta versions installed through Test Flight are different but I am pretty sure it gets installed as two different versions. I may be wrong. 

If you can't find it on your iPad try searching for the app. It might be buried in a folder somewhere. 

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Where do you want us to post feedback or results from MPP Beta test flights?

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You can email feedback directly to

Current known Autel support issues:

  • Movable home point
  • Autel SDK hard crash of unknown origin. Hopefully not a show stopper. Seems related to gimbal pointing.
  • Gimbal won't staying pointing down between waypoints. Must be reset every time.
  • Aircraft stops at every waypoint. Happens in Autel app too so not much hope on fixing. 
  • Connectionless mode doesn't work because aircraft doesn't respond to SDK settings. 
  • SD Card space remaining always returns 928MB. 

There will likely be a new one coming out in the next day or so. 

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