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stock pile calculations for Berthoud soils job

This is probably a crazy question but on the volume calculator tool on MME do I add vol and void to get total volume? The numbers I see dont make sense to me for the Berthoud soil project I have in my account. The area is correct (checked in GIS). The stock piles are 4-6 ft tall. So the volume for the east polygon should be around 25,000 yd3. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong or if there is an image quality issue? There are lots of tall weeds on the property so maybe thats the problem?

Claudia Strijek

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The Void number is the airspace above the surface inside the polygon below the highest measured point. In the case of a pyramid it would be the air below the point at the top but inside the measurement polygon. This number can be used for measuring the volume of a hole by measuring around the rim. 

The other part of the question was answered in your other post. 

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