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New settings RTH Offset and Inherit Camera settings

I downloaded the current update and noticed a couple of settings I am not familiar with.  

What is the RTH offset and why is it defaulted to 10m/32.8 ft rather than 0?
What is Inherit Camera Settings, and what is the recommended setting.  



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We will get some documentation out for this soon. 

The RTH Offset height is how much higher Map Pilot Pro will set the Return to Home height to. If you are flying at 60 meters and it is set to 10 meters the RTH will get set to 70 meters.

If it was set to 0 it would come back at the designated flight height.

The Inherit Camera Settings feature allows you to set up your focus and camera settings in another app and Map Pilot Pro won't touch them. If that setting is not set all settings are made within Map Pilot Pro. 

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