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Missing Comments

It seems the previous comments on the the linked page, have been censored / removed.  Can anyone else see or post comments to the page at the link below?



Shawn Gano

Official comment


That article was closed for comments. Your repeated posting triggered emails to all of the other posters that had left other questions or concerns. A couple of the users, who are now subscribers, reached out about how to not get the emails anymore. We figured closing the comments section for that article was the best course of action so as not to continue to bother people whose issues had been addressed. 

You are more than welcome to continue using the app you have already downloaded. As we have mentioned (repeatedly) certain parts of it will stop working at some point but that is beyond our control.

We can no longer provide an app and support it for customers that are not doing their mapping with us or at least are on a mapping subscription. The great thing about a subscription is that if you no longer like a service, you can stop paying for it. The period for expectation of support is exactly as long as you have paid for it for. 

We get it. You are mad we had to shut down the old versions (beyond our control) and you don't like that it is only available to our mapping customers (business decision to keep the company alive). It is impossible to make everyone happy, but changes needed to be made. We have tried our best to provide a fair solution and explain things ad nauseam. 

As you noted in your previous comments, there are plenty of other apps out there to use that are not attached to a service like ours and do not have recurring charges. You even mentioned writing your own app. The DJI SDK and developer site has all sorts of great resources to get you started. These are all great solutions to the issues you take with our changes. 



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