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DJI Sign In on Map Pilot Pro

I put a mission together on Map Pilot Pro and traveled to the remote site.  Everything looked good until I went to launch the mission with my Mavic Pro.  As soon as I hit the launch button, a box showed up requiring me to log into DJI's web site.  The site is remote, and I didn't have internet.  I was not able to fly the mission.  Can you give me some guidance on this so that I can make flights work in remote situations in the future?


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I am not sure why you would have to log into to DJI to fly unless you were trying to unlock a No Fly Zone which would have had to have been cleared ahead of time. 

You do have to log into Maps Made Easy to be able to takeoff but I think that would have been handled before you got to saving the mission. 

Please post a screenshot of the login screen and what the screen was showing at the time if you can. 

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