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Map Processing Fees under Pilot Pro

The subscription to Map Pilot Pro, does that include Processing fees or do they continue to be extra as in the Business model. I'm in the 7 Day Trial of Pilot Pro and uploaded 98 photos. It presented a 50% off "Off Season" sale and indicated it would use 196 Purchased Pts. 

Confusing, it states if under 1 Gig, it's free... 98 x 9mb = 882 mb, and second, I thought the subscription covered processing up to a specified amount? 


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The subscription processing thresholds are quoted in gigaPIXELS, not gigaBYTES. Pixel count, not storage. 

One gigapixel is typically 50 Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro images. Each of those images being 20 megapixels each. 

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