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RTH initiated at 35-40% remaining battery

I flew six flights yesterday using P4P V2 and Map Pilot free (I had intended to use Pro but could not get the drone to launch so went back to free) and on two of these flights MP initiated an RTH when there was still 35-40% battery remaining. These are Flights 3 and 4 of
Can you advise why this would be happening?


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All Map Pilot variants use a user settable timer which acts as a target landing timer while using the battery's Smart RTH feature. The batteries keep track of how far away from the home point and how high the aircraft is currently. When it detects that it needs to head home it will do so. You can view this information in the Map Pilot debug panel. Any flight that is occurring down below 15% of the battery is considered unsafe and should be avoided.

Make sure your batteries are properly calibrated so you are able to get the most out of them.  

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