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Getting data to Maps Made Easy

I live at the end of a long copper wire line in south central Montana and my internet service is slow and occasionally erratic. I have been a customer for a few years and have done well with projects that are fairly small either in area or data needed.  I am working on new projects that will involve larger data sets and have recently attempted to upload a project that requires approximately 5GB of data to be transmitted. I think I have failed to complete the transmission three so far and the failures have caused disruption in my internet service that I also use in running our ranching and organic beef business. I have inquired about going to locations with faster internet and while possible this would incur additional expense for travel and usage. Would it be possible to load my data on a thumb drive and mail it to you for upload?  My download speeds are not optimal but I believe they are sufficient to download the completed products from Maps Made Easy. Looking for a way to continue working with you...

Wes Henthorne

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We have had weirder requests... If you really can't think of another workaround you can send your USB drive to us and we will upload it. The drive will not be returned and there will be an additional 1000 point charge for the manual handing. 

If that works for you please send it to 

Drones Made Easy

Attn Maps Made Easy

5390 Napa St, Suite B

San Diego, CA 92110


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