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Map Pilot Pro - saving minor changes to missions

Is there a way to open an existing mission in Map Pilot Pro, make minor changes to the boundary, altitude etc, and save the mission with the changes rather than saving as a new mission.   

Often I will plan a new mission in the office, and when I get to the site, need to make changes prior to flying, or after flying and reviewing the results.  I would like to be able to change the existing file, and save the file with changes and not create a new file for the same location do eliminate having duplicate missions for the same site or job.   

Similar to Save vs Save As in windows.




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This is something we hear a fair amount and will be looking into it. The issue is how things are tied together on our back end. We tie flights to missions to maps and if changes the mission are made then things would be thrown off. If we were to add support for this it would really end up essentially deleting the old mission and creating a new one. This would be fine for some users but would break things for others. Doing the edits and syncing it is no problem but issues arise when considering users that would be editing something that has already been flown 5 times. That is why we just create a new mission based on edits because that is how it would be treated anyway. 

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