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Maps not submitted but points deducted


I started my first map, using the DJI workflow. I was prompted for a photo taken at ground level, which I do not have. I therefore quit the DJI workflow and tried the Classic Workflow. When I selected a test photo I was prompted to use the DJI workflow.

My dashboard shows my 500 credits as used but I can't see a way to get back to the first (DJI workflow) map that I started in order to finish it. Do I have to start over and lose the promotional points? Also, can I do a DJI Process map without the missing ground level photo and accept that the altitude for 3D may not be accurate?

Many thanks, Hedley

Hedley Wright

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The reason your points were taken is that you submitted the job. 359 images are being processed for free. 

You do not NEED a ground reference image for the DJI workflow. It is highly recommended though to get the most accurate elevation results.

The Flat Maps workflow DOES require it since it relies on having super accurate elevations. 

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Thank you. The map submission was actually done after I posted the question, I had misread the information on my dashboard and hadn't lost the points! All is good.

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