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New map spits out old complete map instead

I recently performed a flight over a wetland and attempted to create a map.  However, rather than process the photos I have up loaded, MME is producing a map that is a copy of an old mapping job.  This isn't an error on my part: I have verified the photos being uploaded are correct.  In fact, the images from the old job have been deleted from my pc memory.   I did two side by side jobs that day and one processed okay, but for some reason not the images for the other flight.  What is going on here?

The site accepts the photos I upload, but doesn't use them.

Christopher Ring

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I am not sure what to tell you. Both times have the exact same set of images: DJI_0114.JPG - DJI_0205.JPG. 

The biggest problem here is that the images are not contiguous. DJI_0114.JPG - DJI_0146.JPG are of one area. DJI_0147.JPG through DJI_0168.JPG are taken in a different location back in January. Then DJI_0167.JPG though DJI_0205.JPG are back at the original spot on April 7. 

It looks to me like you have some file management issues going on here. But you can't expect good results from our system with images from multiple times and locations being uploaded for processing. 

There is no way this got messed up on our end. We are seeing the upload logs and storage for both sets of images independently. 

Initially you would have received this warning:

Which is not a good sign for 92 images. 

Then after opting to downscale and reselecting the images you were shown the following map that shows the two different locations of the images you selected. 

We have lots of checks in place but verifying that you are uploading the appropriate data set is up to you. 

Other reasons the majority of you images are not being used is that they do not have sufficient overlap (75/75) for all of the bare trees (at least 80% overlap should be used), you have a super strong sunspot right in the middle of the images, and the color balance is all over the place. With all of these issues it makes processing the data impossible for most of it. 


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