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Map Pilot Business vs Map Pilot Pro

I have been using Map Pilot Business for a couple of years now and have grown to like the dependability of the app, along with the ability to sync missions between ipad devices.

Since I have already purchased Map Pilot Business will I be able to continue to use Map Pilot Business, and will it continue to be supported by your developers as needed to be current with the IOS upgrades and DJI upgrades?

I have tried the BETA for Map Pilot Pro, and like the Missions interface, but was disappointed in the "quick map" quality and do not see myself using this feature.  To date I have not used the app to upload directly to Maps Made Easy for processing due to data limits.  

Thanks for your help.



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Thank you for jumping in with the new app! 

All currently downloaded versions of the app will continue to be functional until the end of the year 2021. There will be no more releases or maintenance beyond what is currently released.

Final Downloads

  • Map Pilot Lite - 3/10/2021
  • Map Pilot - 4/15/2021
  • Map Pilot Business - 5/15/2021

All users that have posted a log created using Map Pilot Business before March, 10 2021 are eligible for a 50% discount on a Maps Made Easy Pro plan for 8 months.

Read here for more official detail:

The Quick Map feature is meant to be used as a data check for regular mapping data (just download the thumbnails) and a fine adjustment tool for collecting Flat Map data which is where it really shines. You can enable and disable single images and also see where any given image aligns with the basemap by swiping left on the image. 

Other new features include In-field data review, new layout, MME map submission, camera controls, video mode, new mission types, support for advanced hardware, Flat Map editing, @DroneLogbook integration, cool new mini map views for mission plans and log files, power lines display, reworked NFZ controls and a bunch more. 


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I am disappointed to hear that MME Business that I have already paid for, and really like is not going to be maintained after 5/15/2021.  I know from experience that all it takes is one IOS upgrade to make any third party app not function properly without an being upgraded and installed. 

I have bragged on the MME Business version for the past several years because of the many features Terrain Awareness, Linear Missions in particular, and the fact that I paid once for it and it is not subscription based.  This is why I am particularly disappointed to see it no longer be supported.   

I guess I will have no choice but to consider paying for the pro version or switching to another vendor's product. 

I am not sure what you mean by posted a log created using Map Pilot Business before March 10, but hopefully I am eligible for the discount.


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You have plenty of missions in our system that were collected with Map Pilot Business so you certainly qualify for the discount. 

Since you process with us as well you might not even need to get a subscription although it looks like almost all of your maps would be covered by the Pro plan and then would have been free to process. 

The app is essentially the same as Map Pilot Business but with a bunch of new stuff. We had to clean things up a bit. Having 3 versions out there was getting crazy. We had to change things up a bit to make sure that we were providing the best support we could to our mapping customers. 

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