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A little hole in map

I have a 1600 photos map, but I have a little hole of información. I check my data base and the pictures that belong to the hole are there. Is that a error of the process? Is possible to ask for a new process map?.



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We are sorry to hear you had an issue with your coverage. 

It appears that in your laying out of adjacent mission you left a gap. We highly recommend having at least 2 passes worth of overlap between your adjacent missions. Lining them up near one another is asking for trouble.

Rerunning the data will not fix that gap because it is an issue with having enough overlap at that location.

You really need to be careful with what time of day you are collecting your data. Avoid the 1.5-2 hours before and after solar noon to keep there from being sun hotspots in your images. Having clouds coming in and out of the area while mapping is problematic too. I know this is hard to control but having all of the features looking the same during all looks at it is how our system works. 

Also, image 1069.JPG had 0.0,0.0 as the coordinates which messed up the Overlap Report. This can happen if you take images while the aircraft is still finding its position. Otherwise you would be able to see the issue better. 

If you had been using the DJI Specific workflow and had the Flat Map Patching feature enabled this spot would have been filled in. 

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