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CRASH P4P because of LIPO problem


Last mission my P4P fell from 120m high and has been destructed of course

The DJI battery lost all juice in first seconds: see picture attached

and logs here

Map pilot is not in fault but if i was on DJI GO 4 i would certainly have some alerts : nothing in Map pilot !

Also i would appreciate if Map pilot has an option to fly around 15s at 2m high BEFORE going to mission ; then if a lipo problem appear there is no dram !!! (LIPO problem often in first 10s as you can see in picture)

The battery was OK in apparence (not new but clean, around 60 cycles) : other question do you think i can see with DJI to open a case, for any reason ?

Thanks for answer and PAY ATTENTION


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Yikes! That's a new one. At least you have data for it.

You can always pause the mission and then continue it to achieve this. 

We had a Inspire 1 fall from that high once. Now THAT was a mess... 

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