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Map pilot pro/Maps made easy

I presently use map pilot business and the maps made easy free option (based on points purchased). How will changing to map pilot pro change my current operations? 

When migrating to Map pilot pro, is there a monthly fee for doing so? If so, what is the cost?

Will there still be a free option for maps made easy with payment based on point purchase?

Is the maps made easy points purchased option scheduled to sunset?



Official comment


Map Pilot Business is not longer being maintained and will cease to function at the end of the year. We recommend switching over to Map Pilot Pro sooner than later. 

Map Pilot Pro is designed to be used by our mapping customers. So whether you are a subscriber or a pay as you go customer you get access to Map Pilot Pro's advanced features. 

The pay as you go points system is still very much in place but we have added some new discounts that are based on the size of the job to make it cheaper to use.

There is a free level subscription that gives access to basic mapping features.

If you purchased Map Pilot Business may be eligible to get a discount on future Map Pilot Pro access if you are a Maps Made Easy subscriber.



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