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linear flight path

Using the current version of Map Pilot Pro business and am able to bring up the linear flight tool, define a path, BUT I am unable to limit the number of passes along a path. Tested with both my Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom with the same (non) results. I cannot get swiping L/R of the status bar to work at all. Just realized that I have the side overlap set to 80% from previous mapping, does it need to be set to zero (?) to reduce the number of paths to 1? Sorry not at a place where I can test this right now. Screenshot shows the way flight plan looks on my iPad when testing earlier, with two passes on either side of the defined path for a total of 5 passes.


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Make sure you are swiping on the status bar and not the options menu. The status bar is the skinny part that spans from where is says 'Connected' to the satellites indicator. I am not totally sure it works when the Options Menu is showing. The status bar might have to be at the top. 

This control is differently on the newly released Map Pilot Pro app. Email us about upgrading.


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