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Error in simu mode


I'm about to try MAP PILOT + Terrain Awareness that I've just purchased.

I use it with Mavic 2 Pro and iPad Mini 4. All is up to date.

I have an error when I run the simulator. Very soon when I activate Show Image Footprint. Later in the flight when it's not active.

It says sometime "Flight * complete. More flights are required to finish ..." etc.

Sometime, it says "Exited Programmed Flight. The programmed flight mode has been cancelled. If you land manualy, be sure to switch back into F mode..." etc. Note that Mavic 2 doesn't have F mode but P mode for normal operations.

I fear to go on the terrain for the real flight. Thanks for your help.

Cyril Murat

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Practicing using the simulator is the right thing to do. Congratulations! We wish more people would get dialed in while on the ground. 

The iPad Mini 4 is pretty old at this point so you will have to turn some features off to have it work properly. Turn the footprint off and make sure auto clear images points is turned on. 

The Simulator is a LITTLE funky sometimes. You have to have a good GPS fix in order to use it unless you are operating off of a saved mission. It saying "Exited Programmed Flight" is an issue on the aircraft. I can't say I have seen it do that during simulated flight but I am sure it is possible. Make sure all of your M2P optics are clean, including the sensors since they can trigger obstacle avoidance events if you happen to walk by while it is simulating flight. 

In any case, start small and work your way up to larger outdoor flights. 

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I thank you very much Zan!

I confirm that when I ran the simu, it was either indoor with no GPS, poor light, obstacles etc.

Starting small and experimenting is what I'll do.

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Los comentarios en la red dicen que se cae o desconecta la aplicación Map Pilot Business; quiero comprarla pero tengo dudas. Si no funciona quien responde?
Muchas gracias

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